Dr Jennifer Erin Camulli

Principal Therapist

Dr Jennifer Camulli obtained her undergraduate degrees (French/ Italian and Education) and Master’s degree in diagnostic assessment and remediation (education) at University of Victoria, Canada. She completed her PhD in special education at University of St. Joseph (Macau), where she researched the teaching of reading and writing of Chinese characters to Chinese children.

During her 9 years in Macau, she worked for the government-led Centre for Psycho-pedagogical Support and Special Education (CAPEE), administering psychometric assessments for students suspected of learning disabilities and provided oversight and support for schools to implement inclusive education best practices.

Dr Camulli brings 30 years of experience in inclusive and special education.  She is a registered educational therapist with the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT). She is also a certified accessibility professional with the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP). She is an honorary fellow (HonFRSAS) of the Reading Specialists Association Singapore. She has been a board member to several non-profit organisations, including Special Education Needs in Asia Association (SENIA) and Team Angelwolf.

She was an associate professor and subsequently a visiting professor at the University of St Joseph (Macau). As a certified accessibility professional, she worked for Expo 2020 Dubai, leading the Accessibility and Inclusion strategy to ensure the built, digital, social and sensory environments were accessible for people with disabilities.   

Dr Camulli writes articles for industry journals and magazines,  and has published several papers in peer-reviewed academic journals. Additionally, she has been a peer reviewer for the Universal Journal of Educational Research (UJER). Dr Camulli is also a TEDx speaker and a children’s book author. 

She has published a monograph Tuberous Sclerosis Complex with Syndromic Autism: A Case Review of an Autistic Savant Artist and is current working on a few. 

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Professional & Academic Publications

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