What We Provide?

We fully understand the challenges and frustrations families and parents could be facing especially when a younger family member encounters difficulties in learning and life progression. Resolving issues and differences could be tricky when knowledge and skills are limited. Most often, families and parents may feel engulfed and devastated when all perceived avenues are exhausted and yet expected outcomes were poorly achieved.

Our science based services are designed to be holistic and systematic. Families and parents need not feel anguished and helpless. A well planned program is usually effective and empowering, restoring confidence in families.

“An accurate and comprehensive diagnostic assessment is the first step to an appropriate treatment”


Psychoeducational Diagnostic Assessment

An accurate and comprehensive diagnostic assessment is the first step to an appropriate treatment.

Our comprehensive Psychoeducational Diagnostic Assessment (PDA) is a process using various tools and instruments in determining your child’s learning abilities and behavioural profile (sensory, adaptive, cognitive, socio-emotional behavioural etc) in terms of how he or she could learn better, and the areas presenting as challenges to your child. Our PDA covers the Hierarchical Abilities and Skills, Cattell-Horn-Carroll Model of Human Cognitive Abilities, and Full & Cross Battery Assessments.

The aim of our PDA is to assess the nosography of specific learning difficulties and disorders (falling within such as neurodevelopmental disorders, psychological disorders and other conditions) your child may have. The assessment report help many parents to better understand the profile of their child and make better informed decisions and support to be provided to their child. It can also help to unlock supports and special accommodations at school, college or university as required by your child. This makes the education process more meaningful for your child.

“Intervention and therapy programs conducted at the early stage achieve far much higher efficacies in overcoming difficulties encountered inherently owing to our brain's neuronal plasticity”

Treatment & Collaborative Therapy Programs

Our early intervention and therapy programs involves skill-building strategies that are designed to support child development. The support provided focus on the child’s physical, cognitive, behavioural, social and emotional development – where these supports have the potential to make the biggest difference and provide benefits throughout your child’s life.

Other forms of treatment involves rehabilitation, which refers to the support and care that can help the child or student to restore his/her abilities lost because of injury or disease, back to good conditions that he or she needs for daily life. These abilities may be physical, mental, and/or cognitive (thinking and learning). 

"Parents equipped with knowledge and skills in handling situational, psychological, emotional and behavioral issues build better relationship bonds with their children. This helps to buffer challenges faced due to learning difficulties and circumstances"

Parental, Family & Psychoeducation Counseling

Often at times, parents may feel burned out, overwhelmed and fatigued with the challenges of raising a child, especially when the child has learning difficulties or special education needs. First-time parents or parents with special education needs child especially may feel helpless as we may think that we are failing our duty as parents. Parents may need professional, experienced and knowledgeable counselors to provide good support during the challenging and difficult periods. 

Our counseling process aims to provide our clients the guidance and equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to address situational, psychological, emotional, and behavioral issues. Parents finding it difficult to connect with your child, manage your child’s behavior and deal with the teenage issue may consider parental counseling. 

The aim of our family counseling is an approach to develop and maintain healthy and functional relationships within a family, promote family unity, and involving our counselors by identifying and addressing specific psychological, behavioral, and emotional issues that cause family issues, stress, grief and conflicts within a family. Family with member encountering mental health issues and addiction may consider family counseling.

Our psychoeducation counseling aims to provide your family member undergoing difficulties or disorders with information about the diagnosis, symptoms and methods of treatment used, in a structured and specific method. This helps your family member to cope with the situation better and be aware regarding the early signs of relapse or recurrence so that situation could be managed in a more sustainable way.

"An established, science-based and comprehensive profile report provides the users insightful information of your child, thus aiding them to plan learning programs and career path better for your child"

Case Evaluation & Profiling

Our case evaluation (or evaluation of client’s treatment progress) methodology utilises both quantitative and qualitative processes to systematically process collected and analysed information data in order to evaluate the case of our client before providing a judgment on the client’s level of achievement based on his/her assessed abilities. Mathematically speaking, case evaluation may be expressed as Quantitative Description of Client’s Attainment of the Target Objectives (ATT) + Qualitative Description of Client’s Abilities (ABI) + Value Judgement about Client’s Attainment (ATT) and Abilities (ABI). 

This information set up the profile of your child and helps your family members, educators and organisations interacting with him/ her to develop a deeper understanding of who your child is as a learner in terms of strength and challenges, talents, aspirations, and understanding of what interest and motivates them when learning. Your child’s profile also helps educators or teachers to develop inclusive classroom learning programs and effective relationships with him or her.

"Youths and adolescents with special needs possess different set of skills, may have different preferences in developing their career"

Youth & Career Guidance

Many adolescents may be uncertain about the types of career options available to them, let alone adolescents with special needs and many encountering learning disorders. 

Youth and career guidance provides advice and information to the parents and adolescents about career options to help them in their decision-making on a career and also teach them how to pursue their chosen career pathway. In other words, our career guidance process involves assisting them in achieving their identified career options or acquiring their professional goals in life, especially after completing their formal education.

"Finding the right therapist for your child is vital in achieving high efficacy of the intervention programs"

Case Referral Service

Commonly, parents finding the current therapy and treatment for their child fall below expected efficacy as the current therapist does not have sufficient resources or expertise to manage your child’s condition and you may be interested to seek the assistance of an adequately resourced facility to provide the best care and assistance for your child.

We are abled to help your child to seek appropriate treatment.