Russell-Silver Syndrome with Syndromic Autism: A Diagnostic Case Study of a Young Adult

Author: Boon Hock LIM, Guo-Hui XIE and Ban Meng LEE 

Tuberous Sclerosis Complex with Syndromic Autism: A Case review of an Autistic Savant Artist

Author: Jennifer Erin Camulli and Guo-Hui XIE

High- Functioning Autism: A Case Review Study of A Young Adult’s Functional Vocational Readiness to Work

Author: Chong Lee WONG and Guo-Hui XIE 

Establishing a Child’s Personality via the Projective Assessment Triad within the Four Levels of Mind

Author: Chong-Lee WONG

Understanding a Young Child’s Socio-emotional Behavior through His Projective Drawings: A Biblio-Analytical Case Study

Author: Qi WANG

A Retrospective Evaluation of an Adult with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in Childhood – A Case Study

Author: Harjit SINGH s/o Harnam Singh & Guo-Hui XIE

Visuospatial Recognition of Words for Children through Concrete Poetry

Author: Guo-Hui XIE

Parental Perspective on Teaching Number Sense to Young Children (One to Five Years Old)

Author: Ignatius Guoliang YEO & Cathlee Rui-Lin LAU

Psychoeducational Diagnostic Assessment, Evaluation & Profiling on Children for Educational Therapists: A Proposed Procedure

Author: Arnold Chee Keong, CHUA & Harjit SINGH

A Brief Exploratory Review of Mandala Drawing & Coloring in Promoting Mental Health/Well-being among Young Children during the Covid-19 Pandemic Lockdown

Author: Wujing LIU

A Case Review Study of a Young Adult with Low-Functioning Autistic Disorder transitioning from School to Work

Author: Chong Lee WONG

Using Question-And-Answer Scaffolding Structure (QASS) To Teach Students With Autism To Compose Free Verses

Author: Kok Hwee CHIA

Effectiveness of Scaffolding Interrogatives Method – Teaching Reading Comprehension to Young Children with Hyperlexia in Singapore

Author: Noel CHIA & Norman KIAK

Reading Comprehension for Children with Hyperlexia – A Scaffolding Method

Author: Patricia MUI & Noel CHIA

Remediating Comprehension Deficits in Hyperlexia: The Scaffolding Interrogative Method

Author: Patricia MUI

Autism Enigma: The Need To Include Savant and Crpto-Savant In The Current Definition

Author: Noel CHIA

A Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Based Screener for Autistic Spectral Symptoms

Author: Guo-Hui XIE

The Employment Continuum: A Framework for Hiring People with Disabilities in Dubai, UAE

Author: Jennifer Erin CAMULLI & Guo-Hui XIE

A Diagnostic Case Study of a Young Man with RussellSilver Syndrome and Associated Comorbidities

Author: Boon Hock LIM , Ban Meng LEE, Benjamin Kee Ern LIM, Guo Hui XIE

A Case Report and Review of a Young Adult with Non-Verbal Low Functioning Autism

Author: Chong Lee WONG

Teaching Multiplication to a High-Functioning Autistic Child: My Experience as an Educational Therapist

Author: Noel CHIA

A Case Study of A Child With Attention Deficit/ Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) & Mathematics Learning Difficulty (MLD)

Author: Cathleen Rui Lin LAU & Guo-Hui XIE

Effectiveness of Scaffolding Interrogatives Method (SIM) – A Strategy to Improve a Hyperlexic Child’s Reading Comprehension: A Case Study

Author: Noel CHIA

A Case History of a Child with Articulo-Graphic Dyslexia (AGD): A Brief Investigation and Intervention

Author: Kok Hwee CHIA

Developmental Ideophonetic Dyslexia: Challenging Issues in Learning Chinese Language

Author: Kok Hwee CHIA & Soo Ken CHING